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xx New CoS, Upcoming Theme, PlayerShare to return

August 11, 2014, 05:21:01 PM by Admin
This week we have a new Chief of Staff, Stefan. It seems only fitting he steps up to the managing rank after being mostly responsible for the activity increase in the past few weeks. Stefan has led a highly successful advertising campaign and fully deserved the promotion. I feel he has made very little enemies here and really deserves peoples respect. As always, no hard feelings to Kris who just may not have been the right person for the job, with so much else going on in his life.

^ A graph displaying the results of the advertising team's promotion.

Another loader was also added today, being Aggroth V2. We hope this will be widely used. The new forums theme requires some work but it is coming along nicely, I will open testing this week and there will be a poll on current site theme vs new (forums) theme. It will be based off the Gearbox theme by DZinerStudio. After the new theme is released, we will concentrate on the forums MMO, Scape2D, adding equippable items and avatars.

PlayerShare is also expected to return very soon, with the price probably being around $2.50 for 200 players to start (Paypal also accepted). The players will be sent to your webclient, but we cannot force them to login, so please ensure you have tested your webclient from a different machine. The status checkers developed by Lohex/Plexus graphics team will be released around this time also, complimenting a new tabbed look to the information pages (similar to the update on the control panel), there will be a tab for 'Information' and a tab for 'Promote', giving links to purchase upgrades, monitor upgrades, status checkers and play/info links. This is a much needed update for the servers.
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