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  • Welcome back Ipad! I'm not sure we've formally met but I'm Smurfed, it's nice to meet you.
    Reply by Smurfed 8 hours ago
  • It's always nice to see progression, keep em' coming Tobias.
    Reply by Smurfed 8 hours ago
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  • Source is clean, no virus.
    Reply by Prodigy 12 hours ago
  • Hello fellow RS-PS players, I'm currently working on a project with 2 fellow coders & it's called KronikXThis project is going t...
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  • Thought I'd spit another free can't compete with me, I'm the bees knees I make the bitches flee yeah they're running scared, fuc...
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  • Not going to lie, and I'm not saying this to be a kiss-ass but RS-PS is becoming very good & I can see this has really good pote...
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  • Very nice, going ham on the updates Tobias. Keep it up, bring RS-PS back to it's prime time.
    Reply by Prodigy 1 day ago



xx Just-in-time July

July 21, 2014, 04:59:42 PM by Admin
This month we have made great progress towards our goals of regeneration. I would firstly like to thank everyone who has stayed on the site religiously at times when there may not have been many people online. Thanks to those who came back without hesitation. You will all be rewarded soon.

We have plans to carry out a major promotion project once the stuff we're working on is completed and ready for use by servers of all calibres. We have been talking about implementing 'Pay with a tweet / facebook post' for PlayerShare/Other upgrades. Also once we have some free time less vital updates can come, and work on Scape2D (Forum RPG)/Official Server may commence. We cannot chose between these two side-projects so a poll will most likely be posted on this matter.

Updates so far this month:
-Log in easier with Twitter OR Facebook!
-Keeping it real: Users Online Threshold reset to 30 minutes
-Forums and rest of site massively optimized for performance
-PlayerShare 4.1 patch released, faster searching and updating
-Updated user inventories on the forum
-NEW: and
-Instant ID lists (Under services)

In development: play links: /
-Website theme enhancements, homepage updates
-Floating toolbox built into all pages (ALL ID lists etc)

Many exciting updates to come this month including our new PlayRSPS service, which is an improvement to the 'use your webclient page inside' option.

We have noticed that jealous competition have been carrying out DDoS attacks on the site, this has left us with no choice but to upgrade our hosting plan.
Our hosting is very reliable, so you can expect minimal, if any, downtime of the site.
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